Getting Started

First things first.

In order to start you’ll need to register.  This is a 2 minute process.  All you need to register is your email address and a conforming password.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters and be comprised of numbers, letters and at least one special character, such as a % sign.  Please avoid predictable passwords, such as admin123!.

We are hopeful that you will be as excited about our intelligent 1095-C forms creation process as we are!  Assuming you’ve got the required information and your employee data passes our validation tests, your forms can be published in less than 30 minutes.  If you have any questions please be sure to refer to our documentation or send us your question to

Once you log in you will notice the following 7 tabs across the top of the page:

  1. Profile – high level employer information
  2. ACA Details – Characteristics about your plan which help determine Part II. information
  3. Plan Details – Attributes of the health insurance plan
  4. Upload – Employee data (only 18 fields required for insured plans)
  5. Metrics – Embedded quality assurance which provides internal controls
  6. Plans – 3 different ways an employer can contract with us
  7. Forms Ready – 1095-C forms, 1094-C (if selected) and a 1095-C data file

These tabs indicate where you are in the process.

Before you create your 1095-c forms you will need to gather high level information about your employer and the health insurance plan(s) as well as employee information.  Required information follows.

Employer Information

The following type of information is required: Employer name, legal address, EIN, primary contact name, primary contact telephone, primary contact email address and number of FT employees by calendar month.

Benefit Plan Information

The following type of information is required: whether or not the plan meets Minimum Essential Coverage guidelines, whether or not the plan is Minimal Value, if the plan is offered to all members of the family, the lowest cost monthly premium for single only coverage, health insurance carrier, plan type , plan start month, number of days in the waiting period and when benefits terminate (day of termination, end of month).

Employee Data

We only require 18 pieces of commonly available employee data for insured plans.  A few additional fields are required for self-insured plans.  More specifically, for each active and inactive calendar year 2016 ACA eligible employee we need: Full name, legal address, employee ID, social security number, job status, union status, marital status, dependents, hire date, termination date, rehire date, benefits offer date, benefits start/stop dates, waiver start/stop dates and COBRA start/stop dates.  Optional information includes business unit, department, job title, email address and telephone number.  Please note while some of these fields are not needed to produce the 1095-C form, we utilize that information as part of our QA process.

Please refer to our template for details.

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