Ask the Expert – An Open Q&A Session and 5 Tips to Conduct a 1095 Self-Audit

International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plan Webinar

Given the success of a previous webinar co-hosted by Mr. Gerver, the IFEBP invited him back to address last minute ACA questions.  In this truly first-of-a-kind webinar, Mr. Gerver “opens the floor” to answer all questions about the Affordable Care Act.  To “prime the pump” Mr. Gerver also provides attendees with Tips to Conduct a 1095 self-audit.  Sample tips include:

  • Identifying missed ACA eligible recipients
  • Identifying human capital internal controls
  • Identifying QA metrics

Mr. Gerver also stayed on the line for 60 minutes to field a barrage of questions in rapid-fire succession.

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