A Blueprint for Completing 1095-C Reporting to Make “Good-faith Efforts”

IFEBP Webinar (International Foundation of Employer Benefit Plans)

In this first-of-a-kind webinar, Mr. Gerver shares with attendees the legal and practical definitions of “good-faith efforts” on the heels of a recent decision by the IRS to extend IRS ACA reporting.   Mr. Gerver also points out the many risks non-compliant employers could encounter in the event their respective 1095 employee-facing forms as well as their respective 1094 IRS filings are incorrect.  

Using his ACA, auditing and technology knowledge Mr. Gerver shows the IRS “low hanging fruit” as a friendly warning for target non-compliant employers.  Given the looming $9bn in 2017 IRS penalty revenue (based on 2016 non-compliance) this webinar highlights the importance of making quality a high priority.  Many high-risk areas such as:watch full Alien: Covenant film online

  • Identifying missed ACA eligible recipients
  • Ensuring the Offer of Coverage code (line 14) is accurate
  • Ensuring the Monthly Premium Amount (line 15) is accurate
  • Ensuring the Safe Harbor/Employee Status (line 16) is accurate
  • Ensuring dependent information is accurate

Mr. Gerver also stayed on the line for 45 minutes to field a barrage of questions in rapid-fire succession.  Given the success of the webinar, the IFEBP invited Mr. Gerver to host a last chance “open mic” forum in mid-January.

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